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UK leading online solutions for Functional Skills Qualifications within the NHS, Higher Education Institutes & Multi-Industry Employers


At 1Qual, our vision is to offer our learners a successful and personable online journey which recognises individual circumstances, needs and barriers which can often create obstacles and act as deterrents for many individuals when considering further education programmes. At 1Qual, we pride ourselves on maintaining a heightened focus on flexibility to offer a teaching and learning experiences tailored to the needs of each individual and aligned to our core ethos of being innovative, creative and supportive. It is through dedication and commitment to our learners, as well as being initiated in partnership with Organisations within on of our primary partners the NHS, that we strive to ensure we offer a leading service aligned to the diverse and evolving needs of the UK Higher Education and Health sectors. 



To support the widening participation agenda across the multi-industry sectors, 1Qual was initiated in 2018 to support an increase in opportunities for Employers to further meet workforce development objectives through seeing more existing staff having the opportunity to engage with Nationally Accredited Functional Skills  Maths & English Qualifications. Initiated through a collaboration of Health Education England and NHS Employers who worked extensively with Kieran K & Partners on project plans, and an Ofsted registered Grade 2 RoATP Registered Training Provider, JM Excellence in Training, 1Qual offers a solution with a heightened focus on flexibility. This is achieved through adopting an online teaching & learning model which creates an alternative provider of Adult Education tailored to the needs of Employers, Academic staff and students, i.e. increasing volume of staff able to engage in CPD through reducing the volume of time away from work and aligning delivery models to shift patterns and job roles. 1Qual has grown and expanded to become integral to supporting, not only NHS Service Providers, but multi-industry employers with the National drive towards creating a ‘home grown’ workforce of the future.

Working as a sub-contracting partner to UK wide Higher Education Institutes and Employers through offering a specialist solution which encompasses several pathways to the completion of Functional Skills Maths and English depending on each individual learner needs.


Key benefits:

  • A heightened focus on flexible learning which helps to reduce time ‘off the job’
  • Opportunity for learners to attend a tutor led session at a time which fits in with the needs of their employer and aligns with sudden changes to shift patterns
  • Focused tutorials with no more than 3 in any online session for Functional Skills 
  • Flexibility for Employers as well as learners with regards to tutorial time slots
  • Readily available weekly and monthly online reports for primary Apprenticeship Provider and to support Ofsted auditing
  • Learners able to attend their allocated tutorial or ‘keep in touch’ session with their tutor at any location and through logging in to their online 1Qual account on any device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC)
  • Learners able to seek support from assigned weekly tutorial slots and ‘keep in touch’ 1-2-1 sessions when needed for topic clarification or exam anxiety support
  • Provides a robust solution for Higher Education Institutes and Employer providers to meet recruitment objectives through being able to accept new learners on to Apprenticeship programmes who require a Level 2 equivalent in Maths and English

1Qual offer two primary completion pathways for Functional Skills qualifications to ensure there is a learning approach which meets the needs of all Higher Education, NHS & Business Apprentices, Staff & Managers within our partner Organisations. 

Pathway 1:  1Qual Tutor-led full course duration

  • Functional Skills Maths and English Qualifications
    • Level 1 Maths and English
    • Level 2 Maths and English
    • Course induction followed by 16 weeks of teaching requiring attendance at a 1 hour / week tutorial 
    • BKSB access for initial assessment & independent learning
    • Two weeks of Examination preparation
    • Focused training on speaking and listening component of FS English
    • Registered 1Qual account for remote access to teaching, learning and individual tutor support


  • Who is it for?
    • HE, NHS / Business Apprentices who require Level 1 or Level 2 Maths and/or English qualifications to complete their programme
    • Leaners who prefer or would benefit from a fully tutor-led course
    • Learners and Employers who would prefer a taught course with a heightened focus on flexibility
    • Staff who require Level 1 or Level 2 Maths and/or English to support CPD or role development
    • Managers who are keen to offer CPD opportunities to a higher volume of staff and are able to do so due to the flexible learning and reduced time ‘off the job’ offered by 1Qual

Pathway 2:  1Qual-OS self-directed course   (COMING SOON – January 2021!)

  • Functional Skills Maths and English Qualifications
    • Level 2 Maths and English 
    • Anytime, anywhere access to your course content
    • Complete your qualifications at your own pace and time 
    • Course diagnostic assessment to identify specific units requiring more focus than others
    • Access to an online solution for acquiring Accredited Functional Skills qualifications
    • Access to core units which include theory modules, activities and unit assessments to track progress
    • Two weeks of Examination preparation delivered live by an assigned 1Qual tutor expert
    • Online remotely invigilated examination 
  • Who is it for?
    • HE, NHS & Business Apprentices who require Level 1 or Level 2 Maths and/or English qualifications to complete their programme
    • Learners who are confident in their Maths and/or English skill level and would prefer a self-directed online product
    • Apprentices or staff who need to evidence their Level 1 or Level 2 qualification and lack certification

The online teaching and learning delivered through the purpose built 1Qual teaching platform for Adult Education within the Health sector, Higher Education & multi-industry businesses aims to support Employers as well as new/existing staff through seeing a reduction in time ‘off the job’ and offers Managers more opportunity to enrol staff on CPD courses.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how the innovative approach to Adult Education may support both staff and workforce development strategies in response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

How it Works:

Initiative is operationalised through forming a working partnership with a Government Registered Training provider, JM Excellence in Training The following points provide an outline of how staff & Employers engage with 1Qual courses:

  • Partner NHS Trust, HE Apprenticeship Provider or Employer having an initial discussion with a 1Qual Account Manager to ensure bespoke provision can be created if needed and to meet the needs of each partner Organisation
  • Employers / staff complete the 1Qual learner data record to inform the provider of all core details
  • Staff looking to complete their courses complete a learner questionnaire
  • Upon completion of the questionnaire, each learner receives an online induction for a course overview and to discuss agreed course start dates and tutorial time slots which best align with existing shift patterns

Who we are

Meet our dedicated and supportive team delivering expert online teaching and guidance to hundreds of NHS staff and HE Apprentices to ensure they achieve their Functional Skills requirements:

Amy Brown – Head of Maths

Peter Robinson – Head of English

Peter Robinson, Head of English, has 15 years’ experience working in the Further Education sector and holds a B.A in English Literature. Alongside this, Peter is a qualified assessor and quality assurer, which means that he sets high standards for his students and works hard to ensure that they are met.

As Peter says “I have had to change career on a number of occasions: From working in construction as a window installer for over twenty years, to delivering glazing apprenticeships and Functional Skills English courses, I believe that learning is for life and that a confident grasp of the English language is the key that opens the door to many development opportunities, both personally and professionally”. When not delivering  Functional Skills, Peter spends his time following his favourite football team, reading and lecturing his grown-up sons on the evils of text speak and poor punctuation.



Contact us:

To discuss how 1Qual can support your new/existing staff and workforce development strategies, contact our Head of Support & Learner Experience, Molly Fitzgerald at molly@1qual.co.uk

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