The Apprenticeship Levy has been a monumental change to the skills sector and how funding of training is operated. Employers with an annual wage bill of £3 million are now required to pay the levy at 0.5%. Your levy amount is your spending training budget to access a variety of fantastic government accredited training programmes to upskill your staff, calculate your LEVY below:

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Your organisation’s annual UK payroll

Your available funds for apprentiship

training this year is:


L2 / L3 Gym Instructing and Personal Training

Team Leading L3

L2 Community Activator Coach

Do you value the health and well being of other people in the local community? Do you want to make a positive impact to your community through developing your passion SPORT in the area?

L3 Early Years Educator

Are you waning to upskill your current staff, or are you looking for someone new to offer a higher level of support to your staff and pupils?

L3 Sports Specialism

Are you looking to enhance your PE delivery and extra-curricular activities? To build a healthier and happier school environment and give your students the chance to develop confidence and skills that will help them to succeed in life?

L3 Teaching Assistant

Are you an aspiring teaching assistant? Are you waning to upskill your current staff or are you looking for someone new to offer a higher level of support to your staff and pupils?

L3 Business Administration

Are you looking for extra support within the office, and do you want to build a stronger foundation of support through-out the business?

L4 School Business Professional

Ready to make that full leap into your School Business Management Career?

Let us help get you there with the fantastic School Business Professional qualification

Management L5

Are you wanting to upskill yourself or current staff to elite management status?

A Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership qualification is the answer!

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