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What is it?

Designed to offer complete flexibility and self-lead learning, 1Qual-OS offers individuals who are confident in their English ability, but lack certification to evidence their skill set, with the opportunity complete learning and gain their qualification at a pace and time convenient to them. This online web based package consists of module topics tailored to the content of the Nationally Accredited Functional Skills curriculum and examinations to provide each learner with the opportunity to confirm their ‘exam readiness’ through completion of pre-recorded tutorials, worked examples and short activities to identify course progression. Although this package enables independent completion of Functional Skills qualifications, learners are able to book a 1-2-1 tutorial with a 1Qual Functional Skills tutor expert to discuss any gaps in knowledge as they work through each module

Access 1Qual-OS as an academic to support your learners by receiving access to a registered personal 1Qual academic account which provides you with access to a personalised online teaching room. This facility allows you to absorb the additional support some 1Qual-OS registered learners may need through booking 1-2-1 online teaching sessions with your learners, uploading teaching resources to your 1Qual academic account and facilitating online mock exams.

Who is it for?

These qualifications are primarily aimed at NHS staff and individuals in local communities looking to gain their Functional Skills qualifications in a timely manner and progress within their careers and Organisation. 1Qual-OS aims to provide a robust and efficient solution to meet the needs of individuals who may have completed their English qualification many years ago or are unable to evidence their certification and consider a fully taught Functional Skills course to be unnecessary for their individual needs. Meeting the diverse needs of the Health sector is at the heart of the 1Qual initiative and this new and innovative online solution aims to further support our Employer partners and staff with workforce development objectives through providing an anytime, anywhere access resource which allows for completion of Functional Skills to be undertaken during night shifts, protected time for CPD or outside of work.

1Qual-OS also caters for academic staff who would prefer to be the main point of contact for their learners and offer teaching support where required rather than a 1Qual tutor assessor.

Career paths?

Completion of Functional Skills can support NHS staff to progress within their roles and Organisation. A primary focus of the 1Qual-OS package is to support NHS Employers with the development of a homegrown Nursing workforce and individual staff with CPD objectives, such as progression on to the Trainee Nursing and Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship programmes.

How does it work?

Getting going with your independent access and completion of your Functional Skills course(s) is very straight forward. Simply click the ‘enrol’ link to receive further information regarding how to subscribe and gain login details for your personal 1Qual-OS learning account!

PLEAST NOTE: subscription to the 1Qual-online solution option should only be made if you are confident in your ability to gain your qualification without live teaching and learning tutorials.

For additional information, please get in touch to discuss how we can support https://jmet.org.uk/1qual-get-in-touch/


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