Tutor-Led Functional Skills Maths: Nationally Accredited Teaching and Qualifications at L1 & L2

Welcome to M&E Functional Skills delivered at Level 1 and Level 2. Our Maths & English courses aim to reduce traditional fears and anxieties associated with these core subjects for the Adult population. We achieve this through running focused online tutorials with no more than 6 learners per class, which we have seen helps to increase the opportunity for questions to be asked and creates a personable environment for your Maths and/or English studies.

As specialists in the provision of Functional Skills Maths and English, M&E works as a supporting provider to FE/HE Apprenticeship and Employer Providers. This is achieved through M&E Excellence running through a Grade 2 Ofsted Registered Training Provider, JM Excellence in Training and ensuring all 1Qual qualification completion pathways offer:

Provision of apprenticeship-levy & AEB funded Functional Skills:

  • Tailored provision and course durations to recognise existing skill sets and individual needs
  • Robust live online reporting for partner Organisation leads
  • Flexibility to ensure tutorial attendance aligns with availability and employer support
  • A reduction in ‘ time off the job’ and an increase in the number of hours Apprentices are building employer relationships and existing staff are away from their post
  • A cost saving per learner for partner Organisations


  • Levy funded provision available to Degree Apprenticeships permitted by regulatory bodies to accept learners on to programme without evidencing Maths and English at the point of application but requiring evidence of their certificates by End Point Assessment (EPA)
    • Supportive to Degree Apprenticeship recruitment strategies as they are seen to offer a place to applicants and support the completion of Maths and English whilst on programme
  • AEB funded provision available to Training providers servicing growing lists of applicants within partner Employers awaiting M&E qualifications
    • Service Level Agreement would be agreed between M&E Excellence and partner Training provider
    • No formal ESFA sub-contractual declaration required until provision exceeds £100k within one academic year


  • M&E offer flexible and efficient completion of FS qualifications and are able to align with periods of reduced workload during an Apprenticeship by way of ensuring completion of required Maths and English does not become overwhelming (e.g. between Apr – Aug of an Apprenticeship lifecycle)
  • Rolling programme of M&E qualifications to offer a higher volume of course start dates within the academic year
  • Once on programme all progress, attendance and completion reports would be sent to Apprenticeship / partner Provider leads by way of supporting future programme audits.

We would be delighted to discuss how our specialist completion pathways for Functional Skills may be of support to your exiting provision.





















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