Tailored Training – Bespoke programme to evidence progression in Maths for existing Apprentices and Students

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What is it?

A bespoke training programme tailored to the context of a learner’s programme of study and/or occupancy. M&E Tailored Training is an opportunity for HE/FE programme leads to evidence how they are continuously supporting the development of Maths skills throughout a learner’s Apprenticeship or UG/PG programme. The programme is fully adaptable and dynamic to meet the needs of each individual learner, Employer and HE/FE provider.

Tailored Training is also an opportunity for individuals to gain proof that their Maths skills are of a Level 2 standard whilst also developing and maintaining specific skills in the subject area relevant to their programme or study and/or occupancy.

Who is it for?

Aimed at existing Apprentices and UG/PG students who achieve a low score in their pre-course Maths initial / diagnostic assessments, the  Tailored Training programme helps to refresh the skill set of learners who had the pre-requisite Maths qualifications to gain their place on their Apprenticeship or UG/PG programme. In addition to the learner, a key focus is supporting academic staff with ensuring Maths skill building is embedded within their curriculum and contextualised to ensure relevance and meaning for each learner.

Individuals who need to gain proof for their existing or prospective programme / occupancy that their Maths skills are of a Level 2 standard.

How does it work?

Individual learning plans are created in line with the requirements of each learner and their apprenticeship/course provider or Employer. The learning plan is contextualised to ensure the Maths content is relevant to the learner’s occupancy and specific skills required for their Apprenticeship or UG/PG programme and existing or future employment. Guided learning activities are provided online for each learner as well as access to the M&E teaching platform where live subject matter expert tutorials are delivered at a time convenient for the learner. To support engagement, scheduling tutorials as part of the cohort’s curriculum is preferred where possible by way of ensuring the Maths support is seen as part of the overall learner’s journey towards End Point Assessment (EPA) or course end.

Tailored Training adopts a tiered approach to ensure each individual is provided with a learning programme specific to their existing skill set and needs:

  • Tier 1
    • 8 week tutor-led teaching programme consisting of a 1 hour Maths tutorial per week
    • Aimed at learners who require a more comprehensive teaching programme to up-skill
  • Tier 2
    • 4 week tutor-led teaching programme consisting of a 1 hour Maths tutorial per week
    • Aimed at learners who require a short teaching programme to up-skill
  • Tier 3
    • Access to the M&E self-directed learning package consisting of guided learning activities and an end point diagnostic assessment to identify progress
    • Aimed at learners who have a sufficient skill set eligible to complete a self-directed refresher programme









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