Recruitment & Training Academy for NHS, Social Care & GP partners


By way of supporting our NHS, Social Care & GP Employer partners with post COVID widening participation and recruitment strategies the Recruitment & Training Academy for NHS and Social Care partners was formed in August 2021. This exciting and bespoke Academy has the primary objective of raising awareness of NHS & Social Care careers to young individuals between the age of 16-24, whilst also supporting Employer partners with recruitment of inspired individuals with sector specific knowledge.


As a member of our Academy you will benefit from:

  • An initial 4 week tutor-led training programme comprising of:
    • Guidance and development of skills, qualities and attributes valued by NHS and Social Care employers when recruiting future employees
    • Awareness of the 500+ career opportunities available within the NHS and Social Care sectors
    • Introduction to existing NHS and Social Care staff, Managers and Apprentices offering our members the opportunity to learn from their expertise and experiences
    • Completion of a Customer Service qualification (a key attribute valued by NHS and Social Care Employers)
  • Work based learning and NHS experience:
    • Completion of a 4 week work based learning experience offering you an opportunity to gain insight into what it is like to work for the NHS and Social Care sector, career paths available and meet our partner Employers actively recruiting new staff and Apprentices
    • Completion of Level 2 Maths and English qualifications (if required) and by way of ensuring you have the required base line qualifications required for employment
  • Direct employment / Apprenticeship opportunities are available within:
    • NHS Employers
    • GP Practices
    • Care Homes


A word from our Academy members:


Huddersfield Academy member – Testimonial:

Not only has this experience taught me valuable knowledge regarding NHS practices and procedures, but it has also allowed me to improve upon my independent learning for example researching and completing a power point presentation on my desired career path within the NHS. At first, I was very nervous about this course as meeting new people makes me very anxious, but I am so glad that I pushed on and completed it as it has been such a rewarding experience both socially and in terms of my career progression. Through interactive learning and team activities I was able to develop my confidence when expressing myself to new faces and to me that is something I am very thankful for with this experience. Overall, I believe the experience has prepared me on how to get into working with the NHS and has equipped me with the skills to further improve when I do get into work. Furthermore, this course has allowed me to go on to complete a level 2 customer service award and has now given me the opportunity to start volunteering with the NHS. For the first time since finishing sixth form I feel motivated and excited about how I am progressing with my work life. This was very much a unique learning experience that I will never forget and am very grateful to be given the opportunity to partake.


Greater Manchester Academy member – Testimonial

My experience with the whole training course has been a smooth and pleasant experience. It helped me get back into the swing of a routine and taught me many things I didn’t know about the customer service and Healthcare industry. I also learnt about the legislations related to customer service and how it would affect an employer such as the NHS which I think is beneficial to anyone working in the Health sector. The course also has the potential to make people more tolerant and understanding towards others through the diversity module if the were not before which I think is a good thing. Overall I had fun doing the course and hope that anyone else doing it will have the same experience.


Halifax Academy member РTestimonial 

So far in my traineeship i have learnt many things such as : British values , NHS values , working with people and meeting new people. I also completed a customer service course. So far I have really enjoyed this course because I feel I’m meeting people that have the same values as me and see the world like I do in how people are treated and should be treated and I’m very excited to start working for the NHS.


Liverpool Academy member:

I have really enjoyed the Academy so far, Its been nice working with lovely people who listen and help. The information I have learnt like British and NHS values, first aid or learning how best to write a CV and cover letter so I can stand out from other employees, it was fun being able to research and present about midwifery.


Contact today to discuss starting within one of our monthly cohorts and moving closer towards your NHS or Social Care career…



Academy Employer partners:


As our monthly cohorts continue to recruit new candidates motivated to begin their journey within the NHS we are keen to work with more and more Employers willing to offer NHS experience and opportunities to our young and aspiring individuals.


Becoming a work based learning partner offers:

  • Support to young individuals considering a career in the NHS or Social Care and keen to learn from experts in the field whilst gaining insight into what it is like to work within a Healthcare setting
  • Support to recruitment strategies for new employees, apprentices and kickstart candidates through allowing Managers to build a working relationship and understanding of individuals before offering an employment position or apprenticeship
  • Opportunities for your Organisation to gain additional support through challenging times
  • Opportunities for your Organisation to support local communities and raise awareness of NHS and Social Care careers and opportunities within one of the UK’s largest employers
  • Government backed incentives for Employers offering young individuals employment insight post COVID


To discuss how your Organisation can support this exciting employment initiative, please get in touch and one of our Academy leads will arrange a meeting.


Inspiring and supporting 16-24 year olds across:




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