Who we are

Meet our dedicated and supportive team delivering expert online teaching and guidance to hundreds of NHS staff and HE Apprentices to ensure they achieve their Functional Skills requirements:

Amy Brown – Head of Maths 

Peter Robinson – Head of English

Peter Robinson, Head of English, has 15 years’ experience working in the Further Education sector and holds a B.A in English Literature. Alongside this, Peter is a qualified assessor and quality assurer, which means that he sets high standards for his students and works hard to ensure that they are met.

As Peter says “I have had to change career on a number of occasions: From working in construction as a window installer for over twenty years, to delivering glazing apprenticeships and Functional Skills English courses, I believe that learning is for life and that a confident grasp of the English language is the key that opens the door to many development opportunities, both personally and professionally”. When not delivering  Functional Skills, Peter spends his time following his favourite football team, reading and lecturing his grown-up sons on the evils of text speak and poor punctuation.

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