A Traineeship is a government funded programme that prepares young people aged 16-24years to become apprentices. It is designed to help young people gain the necessary skills and experience to successfully move into an apprenticeship.

The programme last from 6 weeks to 6 months, initially the trainee will start with classroom learning that includes maths, English and subject specialist content before moving into a work placement.

The programme allows both the employer and trainee to try the job role before the commitment to an apprenticeship. The trainee is unpaid for the course and work placement however the experience they are provided best prepares them to secure an apprenticeship.

Work placements must consist of minimum 100 hours unless the business feels that the young person can move into apprenticeship before due to the success in work placement. The work placement must be meaningful and realistic to what the job role would be in an apprenticeship. On completion of a work placement the young person can be interviewed to determine if suitable for the apprenticeship role.

This programme both benefits the business and young person providing much needed opportunities to young people in local community who might not ordinarily meet the assessment criteria of demonstrate the confidence in an interview situation.

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