If you are having trouble securing an apprenticeship because of no work experience, lacking maths and English grades employers want or just low confidence a Traineeship programme is there to support you into an apprenticeship.

Lasting from as little as 6 weeks to 6 months this educational training programme is fully funded for 16-24years that are not in employment or full-time education. It provides the much-needed skills and experience that employers are looking for in candidates.

A Traineeship will help you grow in confidence, allow you to become familiar with the workplace and improve your professional attitude. The core aim of the programme is to improve your maths and English grades and provide a high-quality work experience that could lead to an apprenticeship.

Although Traineeships are unpaid it is valuable as it gives you the experience, qualifications and skills that can set you apart from other candidates and an opportunity to demonstrate this in the workplace.

The programme content is a blend of classroom learning and work placement that is split over the course of the programme.

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